Monday, December 13, 2010

Shaking it Up

Now that I have several months experience under my proverbial belt, I am looking to shake a few things up. We're going to give the Time4Learning folks a try for some supplimental for Gabe. He is WAY more attracted to PC games than listening to mom drone on about something.

Now, I do have to say I absolutely love the Verticy Phonics program, but I am concerned that the pace and sheer amount of subject material I'm trying to teach each evening is from the 'whole package' is too much. We are currently a week behind with plans to double all lessons during my vacation for Christmas. I feel bad that my little guy won't have a break, but then, neither am I. It is harder some days than others, and also, my son is Autistic, and we have our own difficulties.

Look for that review in a month or so.

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